What is Homesteading Anyway?
Homesteading today is not necessarily having 100 acres of land to clear and build your own log home on. Homesteading can also be done from a third floor apartment, it can be done from a city lot, or it can be a state of mind.

The word 'homesteading' has evolved from a term that was used in years past. From the "act" of cutting a "home" out of the wilderness to the "philosophy" of living a simple down to Earth lifestyle. It is now a simple living philosophy.

Our 'Down to the Roots' magazine was designed by homesteaders for those who have, or would like to have, adapted the homesteading lifestyle. It helps you, with step-by-step instructions to accomplish YOUR dream, on your homestead, no matter where it is. "Down to the Roots' is about preserving the old ways of farming, as well as enhancing the modern ways of living. 

This homesteading lifestyle can be for everyday people just like you and me

Why "Down to the Roots"Homesteading Magazine

This magazine helps you gain the confidence to take those first baby steps with fun projects that range from easy to a bit more challenging. With a lean towards natural and organic growing and preservation methods, we try to help you help your family to live a little more light on the planet, without added chemicals, as well as being a little easier on the pocketbook. There is no other magazine out there that reads like a book that has multiple step-by-step directions on how to help you accomplish projects and more.

Join our online community where we discuss everything from homelife to questions someone needs help or encouragement with. It is one place to also show off your accomplishments. It is like family, only better. So come join us! Share your recipes, find some recipes and more ...

Love the magazine -- what great content.
We've been providing practical, non-electric merchandise to the homesteading
community for 55 years.

- Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President of Lehman's

We just received back issues of "Down to the Roots",
a fantastic self sufficiency magazine. What makes
this one unique is that it's packed with hands on DIY info, room in the margins for taking notes, and no ads to interrupt the information flow. everything is flowed
in an easy to understand "this is how we do it" format.
We highly recommend this one!

Steve Spence owner of
Green Trust Sustainability & Renewable Energy


"I think "Down to the Roots" homesteading
magazine is the best homesteading
magazines being printed today.
 This magazine is filled with info homesteaders
today need to know about.
A very hands-on friendly publication.
Even I find stuff that I didn't know about between the covers of her magazine. When her publication arrives in the mail, it's like a visit from an old friend."

Jon Wood- Organic Homesteading & Gardening Founder




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